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7 Reasons to Talk about Charitable Giving with your Clients

Clients expect you, their financial advisor, to help them create innovative and comprehensive plans to take care of themselves and their family.  They are also becoming increasingly aware of charitable planning options and many want their advisor to help integrate charitable giving into their financial and estate plans.  Here are a few reasons to bring up the subject:

  • Significant income and estate tax benefits can be realized in ways that your clients may not be aware.
  • A deep sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction can come from providing a charitable gift.Your clients may be very grateful for you having asked questions that brought out that philanthropic desire.
  • Many clients have a desire to make a difference.They just do not know how.They will appreciate someone informing them of the opportunities they have to make a bigger difference than they realized they could.
  • Some clients think they do not have enough income or assets to consider charitable giving as part of their plan.You have the opportunity to share creative giving strategies that fit into their personal circumstances.
  • It’s not only good for your clients, but it is good for their family and society.Plus, it is good for your business and your own personal sense of wellbeing.
  • You might be surprised at how many of your clients would like to do something to memorialize a loved one, or give back to society or just engage in simply doing good.
  • You live here too.You are not only serving your clients, but you are serving your community.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.”  To see a more charitable clientele, you only need to start asking the questions.